By Jeremy Clark

Most of us have some experience, either ourselves or someone we know who has suffered with this. My parents-in-law both died at only 67 with cancer. It was shocking to see my father-in-law descend from vigorous health, where he cycled through the Swiss Alps 100km every weekend to death in just 7 months from a very aggressive Leukaemia.

A close friend has a young relative, a mother of two small children in hospital with this. My closest and long time school friend called me only the other day to say he has been diagnosed with cancer.

This is a short story of how I, and some colleagues with no pharmaceutical background, became determined to fight this disease.

About 20 years ago, Professor Bror Morein in Uppsala University discovered a new natural drug which manipulates cell growth. Its remarkable effect is to stop cells from dividing and instruct them to normalize and complete a natural cycle. Scientists call it Normalization and Apoptosis. It’s used currently in human and animal vaccines quite safely and with virtually no side effects.

3 years ago the team was studying the effect this drug has on cancer cells. Tests on human cancer cells in the lab showed amazing results and a radical new way of killing cancer cells. The formula was patented to treat cancer and the work began on seeing just how effective this formula could really be.

My colleagues and I decided to support the team with their research into this potentially life-changing treatment. Our aim is to help on the business side of the project and get recognition to take the research further and do more clinical trials. Further experiments showed very positive results, especially with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia). The cancer cells reacted within hours of exposure to the drug and reverted to normal.

Now we knew that we had to get pre-clinical, phase 1 and 2 studies done to see if this drug really works in live patients, but had to fund and project manage it ourselves.


Our friends at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm saw our data. They agreed that the results were so good that this had to be taken further and tested on actual leukaemia sufferers. So Karolinska have agreed to undertake the human trails at the University Hospital.

But we need (your) support to do it.

We are appealing to all our friends and colleagues to help us support. To do this, we’re seeking various ways to conduct the clinical trials. Register interest to learn more.