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CANQURA is an innovation in the treatment of cancers through Cell Normalization.  As stand‐alone with virtually no side effects and significant reduced toxicity in combination with exiting drugs the potential of these life-changing discoveries will be a major advance in the quality of cancer treatments.

CANQURA is the third generation (G3) of this invention whose origins are particles from purified Quillaja saponins extracted from the bark of the tree of the same name. The technology has been used in vaccines as an adjuvant for some time and our sister company ADJUVAQ produces this. We now have 3 CANQURA products in development:

QURA100 – It is currently in development and testing phase at the Karolinska Institute to fully establish its efficacy against AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia) in live infected animals. The current 5 step phase of tests will complete by June 2017 at which point the anticipated successful progress will enter the next stage toward human trials.

QURA200 – Has also shown to have significant effect on selected tumour cancer cells.

QURA-COMBI – This is a combination of the two products and has also shown positive effects on cancers and is destined for use in personalized medicine.

In addition to QURA100/200/COMBI, CANQURA also has the licence to use the previous generation of this compound (G2) for cancer treatment. It has the same origins but a different manufacturing method than G3. G2 has already been patented in the US & Canada, Europe, Japan, China and other parts of the world. For the science behind CANQURA and supporting papers, select the SCIENCE button above.