An adjuvant is needed in most of today different vaccines to achieve the desired immunity against infectious diseases. The global vaccine market is therefore looking for new forms of adjuvant to increase the overall efficacy of vaccines for various applications. Aluminium hydroxide is now the most used adjuvant, with well-known limitations.

MoreinX presents a new adjuvant called ADJUVAQ developed in Uppsala, which is now on the way out to the market. MoreinX has with its ADJUVAQ created a third-generation adjuvant, which can be used in both animal and human vaccines.   ADJUVAQ has unique advantages over existing adjuvants; robust manufacturing with low-cost, more efficient than other adjuvants for various tested vaccine, low adverse reaction degree replace replace aluminum hydroxide as the world’s most widely used adjuvant and take markets where vaccine is not available, by contributing to the formulation of effective vaccines   It can be used as a conventional adjuvant for adding to the vaccine. It can be used in the live vaccine It can be used as carriers of vaccine antigen produced by genetic engineering product.

In 2015 MoreinX entered into a strategic alliance with Brenntag Biosector A/S, a leading producer of vaccine adjuvants. 
Brenntags task is to develop this novel formulation of nanoparticles and ensure a worldwide distribution network which can lead to collaboration / business within a year and revenues in both the development period and the sale to the end customer.