About us

Management Moreinx AB is run by a team who come from various industries with a focus on realizing discoveries and inventions developed by Moreinx AB. Our group has visions, innovations and works with both standard and non -standard methods to achieve results. The management team has over 40 years of global experience in start-ups and exits in a range of fields. Members also have experience running companies with many employees, as well as in education.

Christer Johansson, MBA, MSc Chem. Experience from Quality Management in the international pharmaceutical industry such as AstraZeneca, Pharmacia, Fresenius-Kabi and Pfizer.  Over the last years has Mr Johansson via his own consultancy and biotech company worked with quality, manufacturing, process- and product development in the biotech and pharma industry. Mr Johansson is responsible for all activities in the development and manufacturing

Professor Bror Morein, Shareholder Professor emeritus of virology is now academically linked to Clinical Virology Department at Uppsala University and has more than 200 publications, 20 patents and patent applications in vaccinology to his name. He is the inventor of ISCOM formulations, drug carriers called Delpha, cancer treatments using ISCOM technology, monoclonal antibody in HIV treatment and filter technology tube trapping of nano-particles (virus), and molecules. Bror Morein has also developed nanotechnology delivery systems to make molecules bioavailable.

Saideh Berenjian, PhD Saideh has a Phd.in medical virology. She has worked a lot with cell lines (cultivation and testing). During doctoral studies, she worked with the viral vectors used to study protein function and post-transcriptional control of RNA expression. Saideh Berenjian has constructed viral vectors and used them for different purposes. Since 2007, she worked with Duecom to study the effect of KGI and BBE on normal human cells ex-vivo, cancer cell lines and primary cancer cells and various methods to detect the inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, activation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Analyses have been made both at the cell level and also gene expression RNA Assay). She is also the contributing author of the new paper on the G3-Technolog.

Contact: Thomas Zetterberg +46 (0)70-253 28 48 tzetterberg@moreinx.com

Moreinx AB – 556848-4256 Chairman : Lars Monie CEO, MD : Thomas Zetterberg
BOARD: Yngve Morein, Sven Morein, Johan Monie, Deputy: Jeremy Clark

Canqura Oncology AB – 556912-9777 Chairman : Thomas Zetterberg CEO, MD: Johan Monie
BOARD: Lars Monie, Thomas Zetterberg, Johan Monie